Concussions and Our Kids

Concussions and Our Kids is the first prescriptive book of its kind to address the issue of head trauma in sports and provide preventive solutions to protect athletes and give guidelines for the way sports can be played safely. Dr. Cantu and sports journalist Mark Hyman have crafted a book that is part manifesto, part manual, explaining to parents and coaches what head trauma is, why it has become a focus of national attention, and why some practices in youth sports must change. They also outline the measures we can take to protect our children.

"Neurosurgeon Cantu offers parents, coaches and athletes an authoritative look at concussions…Cantu offers comprehensive research on post-concussion syndrome, second impact syndrome and chronic traumatic encephalopathy…a sober look at a substantial health risk for young and mature athletes."

Kirkus Reviews

"Concussions have become the most important sports story of the decade, and there is no better person to read on the subject than Dr. Robert Cantu. This book comes along at a crucial time in our national conversation on the dangers of head injuries throughout American sports. It’s a well-researched, riveting story that every coach and parent of a young athlete should read."

Christine Brennan
USA Today sports columnist, ABC News commentator, and
author of Best Seat in the House

"This is an important, cutting edge work, by the premier specialist in his field. If you watch sports, or if you have a young athlete in your family, you need to read this book. It gives the expression, ‘seeing stars’ a whole new meaning."

Dan Shaughnessy
Boston Globe columnist and
author of The Curse of the Bambino and Senior Year

"Much of the sports establishment wants players, and their parents, in the dark about concussions. This book shines the light."

Gregg Easterbrook
Football columnist, ESPN

"Bob Cantu and Mark Hyman have been long-time leaders in America, widely disseminating common sense information on concussions in younger athletes; an issue so serious and newsworthy, that it’s warranted front page headlines in major media outlets. With this book, Bob and Mark will not sugarcoat anything; it’s a truly sobering reminder that even our children’s "playtime" can have serious medical and life consequences. If your children—or grandchildren—participate in sports, please read this book; you’ll agree with me afterwards that properly reflecting and acting upon its conclusions will give all these young athletes a better chance to become healthy and active adults."

Bob Bigelow
Co-author, Just Let the Kids Play, and
former NBA First Round Draft Choice and Player

The Most Expensive Game in Town

Examining the youth sports economy from many sides—the major corporations, the small entrepreneurs, the coaches, the parents, and, of course, the kids—Hyman probes the reasons for rapid changes in what gets bought and sold in this lucrative marketplace. He reveals the effects on kids and profiles the individuals and communities bucking this destructive trend of commercialization.

"This book, for me, is a Rosetta stone for understanding why youth sports have become so unbearable for so many."

Dave Zirin
The Nation

"Hyman – a recovering sports dad himself – adopts a refreshingly nonjudgmental attitude toward the parents who started out pacing the sidelines and ended up walking off the deep end."

Gordon Marino
New York Times Book Review

"It is widely noted that youth sports have their problems, from the obsession with results to premature specialization. However, economics are at the heart of these problems, and what often gets left unsaid is clearly outlined in Mark Hyman’s new book."

Doug Glanville

"[Hyman] presents the numbers to prove that most folks who feel that clinics for eight-year-olds and private coaches for children too young to brush their own teeth are more likely to lead to burnout than to brilliant careers."

Bill Littlefield
National Public Radio’s "Only A Game."

"An eye-opening look at yet another way that profit-driven adults are robbing kids of fun. Mark Hyman’s compelling exploration of the business of youth sports today is an important read for anyone who cares about children—or how the game is played."

Susan Linn
Author of The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World

Until It Hurts

Every year, more than 3.5 million children under age fifteen require medical treatment for sports injuries, nearly half of which are the result of simple overuse. Journalist Mark Hyman investigates the evolution of youth sports from mere games to full-on quests to turn children into tomorrow’s superstar athletes by pushing them beyond physical and emotional limits. Opening up a crucial discussion about the perils of youth sports culture today, Hyman offers the solutions answers we need.

"A must read…What lends Hyman’s admonitions such chilling credibility is his willingness to lay bare his own foibles…Such candor is compelling and engaging…A candid…indictment of youth sports today."

Boston Globe

"It’s likely that every parent and coach who reads Hyman’s anecdotes will relate to at least one, will glimpse their own bad behavior, whisper a personal mea culpa and seek out ways to undo inflicted damage and do their part to fix a national problem that needs fixing."

New York Post

"In short, Until It Hurts is a compact, compelling read that has received much praise in just its first two weeks of release."

San Jose Mercury News

"This book should be the sports Bible for every parent with a kid in youth sports and for every coach."

Santa Rosa Press Democrat