At age 13, my son was a star pitcher in our neighborhood league. With the playoffs approaching, he confided in me that his pitching arm was tired and sore. He expected me to react as a concerned parent. Instead, I was a slightly unhinged coach. Three days later, my injured son was pitching again – but only for a few lame throws.

I am a Baltimore-based author, journalist and college professor. My books and other writings explore the difficult questions surrounding the adult-managed world of youth sports.


Times book review

New York Times Book Review

Among positive reviews for “The Most Expensive Game in Town” and “Until It Hurts” was this one in the New York Times Sunday Book Review. Noted Gordon Marino, “The mantra in America is that everyone needs a dream. So why not dream that your kid will be the one to land an athletic scholarship or sign a pro contract? Because – as Mark Hyman has documented in two important but troubling books – the lengths to which many of us go in pursuit of that vision can turn it into a nightmare.”